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The courtyard house designed by Ripple Design, LLc in LA, California. USA. I think I have seen this project in some magazine.I admit that I really liked it. I have the memory of climbing up the roof to watch the stars at night.But I am not really sure this house really can be climbed to its roof or not. Let's have a check.

The pupose of the design of the courtyard is to have the privacy while it is situated in the urban area.The courtyard reveals itself as a kind of plaza on a micro-urban scale ideal for the relaxing entertaining.It meets green design as it utilizes passive strategies of climatic control offering finalcial benefits to the client and reduced ecological footprint to the community.

There are courtyard door systems and the outside becomes the inside while opening. It also increases ventilation and regulate heat gain through combinations of these doors opened and closed.

The project has careful attention of detail and according to the house is nestled into the hillside, the thickening of specific walls and ceilings;the exploitation of dense or relective materials; all these utilize thermal mass to modulate heat gain and eliminate the need for air conditioning systems. Local craftsmen and materials means fewer resources are necesary or wasted with many of the materials are sustainably forested, long-lasting and break down easily in landfills.

Technological systems are utilized and highly efficient.Solar cells heat water and create electrical energy.Afterall, this house creates all it's own power, feeding its' surpluses back into the city grid.

Photo courtesy: Ripple Design
Sources: Ripple Design

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